Why would you decide to work with Marrewijk HCIM?
I will offer you the 4 S’s:
  • Sharp: alert, decisive and result-oriented
  • Strategic: analytically strong, helicopterview, clear direction and advice
  • Speedy: acting with ‘sense of urgency’ in mind
  • Sensitive: attention to the persons within the company and possible sensitivities
Areas of experience

Branded pharmaceuticals (National & International)
Neurology , Pain , Psychiatry / ADHD , Geriatrics , Gastro-enterology , Respiratory diseases , Cardiovascular , Oncology (Breast / Renal / NSCLC /Haematoly and Supportive Care) , Movement Disorders

Biotech Next generation antibodies

Generics (Mainly in developing countries in public sector)
HIV/AIDS , Tuberculosis , Malaria , Essential Medicines WHO , Emergency respons

Food Cow’s milk allergy (baby)